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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing va form 21-535

Instructions and Help about va form 21-535

Good morning my fellow veterans welcome through the Veterans advice hub my name is Bill Kelly and I'd like to talk to you this morning about submitting an application for a disability compensation claim that's VA form two one five to six easy this is the third in a series of videos because I recommend every veteran start with an intent to file form that gives them a year to pull their information together I also recommend that they appoint a veteran service organization as a representatives claimant those were covered in the first two videos this is the actual claim itself if you are organized and you have all of your information you can start here you don't have to do the other two forms it's just that I recommend you do those to help get yourself time to get everything together but let's say you have very clear service-connected disability or you have all of your evidence this is not the video about how to collect all that evidence this is just the process so the next form in the process and the one that actually starts your your claim is VA two one five two six easy application for disability compensation the title is actually longer you can look it up online VAW excuse me and you can find these forms fill them out online the front part is what you would expect identifying information who you are social security number address your service history those types of information they need that information try and find you in the system block thirteen is the block where you start describing what your issue is now the this is a computer form I mean it's just a simple fill in type of thing so you don't need a long sentence it's just what your issue is knee pain left knee let's say you have a diagnosis for something an actual diagnosis documented hearing loss put that in you know whatever your issue is but it's kind of like the two or three word description of what it is you don't have to go into a long explanation you're just you're just giving them a checklist of stuff to go look for in your medical record to see if you can make that service connection the form itself is several pages of instructions and then the rest is when you actually fill in the information it's pretty straightforward don't let that throw you I would write out on a list everything that bothers you everything that you think is service-connected talk about it with your friends talk about it with your spouse do that self-assessment I talked about earlier and then and then just line-item put it in the form it's not you're not a doctor it's not up to you to decide the VA is gonna gonna look at it and believe me you're not going to get anything the VA doesn't think you deserve in fact.