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Instructions and Help about va form 21-2680

Hi I'm Kellen Bryant and I'm here to answer the question about whether or not you can do the VA improve pension with aid in attendance application all by yourself my opinion it is it is a tough thing doing the VA application if you follow the news you'll see that the VA is not quick on treating veterans I'll paint you know recognizing their benefits processing their benefits and so forth so so one you know the caseworkers are maybe overburdened maybe not caring but claims are not getting processed quickly and the really big thing out of all this is the forms that they give you don't quite tell the whole picture and many times I'll see folks who have applied themselves and they'll come to me after a year and a half and they'll say hey we haven't heard anything or we just got this letter asking for x y&z why did they not tell us that on the front end well that's the problem with applying yourself is hey you don't know what you don't know and and the application doesn't tell the whole story what kind of supporting documents you need what kind of other applications or and VA forms are needed within your application so that's and so if you put it on a nice pretty bow with everything possible they can need and you're not working with somebody who's who's done it before knows what to get and everything you know a case worker who's overworked maybe and underpaid in their opinion doesn't want to go through a little thing they might send you out form letter sent us XYZ thereby delaying your claim when you need this benefit the most so where can you get help if if you decide to that you want to get help so there's two primary sources in my opinion there is the City VSO and that's a city veterans office and then BSS veteran service officers and VFW's and comedians and so forth I wrote that in category one those are the government assisted VA helpers so they will help you prepare the application they're good for folks and they're perfect for folks if you have very little assets and your real opinion it's you know if you looked at previous videos of mine about the qualifications and you meet it and select your slam dunk so a lot of a lot of people they'll take and help our low income paying high high level of expenses maybe in an assisted living and so forth no assets kind of a slam dunk type deal that's what they're great for now now if your case is a little more complicated you have assets like cash value life insurance IRAs real estate larger accounts over $50,000 stocks you got some tax issues involved you got asset protection issues involved and you got long term care Medicaid issues involved so you may need to look to an elder.