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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing where do i mail va form 21p 534ez

Instructions and Help about where do i mail va form 21p 534ez

PC ours and the FDC program as a public contact representative who directly interacts with veterans and their families you have the opportunity to help VA promote the fully developed claims or FDC program filing an FDC is the fastest way to receive a decision from VA on disability compensation pension survivors pension and di C claims this program was created as part of EA's transformation initiative to help reduce the claims backlog and prveterans and their families with the benefits they deserve this video will prbackground on the FDC program to help you promote the program and prsupport to veterans and other claimants currently in the process we understand that providing world-class service in an efficient manner is very important to you this video will help you determine when you should prinformation about the FDC program and how to effectively explain the program and its benefits as an advocate for veterans and their family members you should offer the FDC program as an option for any eligible claim it's important to have a basic understanding of the FDC program in order to quickly explain the key requirements of the program and/or assist in the FDC process understanding the fundamentals of this program will allow you to pran effective and timely response to inquiries about claims this video consists of three segments first you will learn about what the FDC program is and how it benefits claimants second you will learn how to use this knowledge while assisting callers with filing claims lastly we will pryou with suggested answers to frequently asked questions about the program FDC program background the FDC program was created to help veterans and their families receive the fastest decisions possible on their claims these quick decisions are possible when claimants submit all relevant and required documents at the same time as their application and certify that they have no more information to submit this requirement will be discussed in greater detail in a moment currently the following claims are eligible for the FDC program rating related claims for compensation claims for pension claims for di C and survivors pension if a claimant wants to file one of these types of claims you need to recommend the FDC program the FDC program uses shortened and simplified application forms that reduce paperwork and allow for faster claims processing FTC's may only be submitted on these three forms VA form 21 - 526 easy application for disability compensation and related compensation benefits VA form 21 - 527 easy application for pension and VA form 21 - 534 easy application for di C survivors pension and/or accrued benefits ebenefits users have the added benefit of being able to file an electronic FDC for disability compensation directly through the web portal and you should urge them to do so users will be guided through the step-by-step application process online eliminating the need to fill out a paper form filing an electronic FDC is.