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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing va form notice of death

Instructions and Help about va form notice of death

Hello and welcome to another hill and Ponton be a video blog I'm Matthew Hill I'm Carol Ponton today we want to talk to you about certain kind of widows but that's called the icy benefits there are several ways to get this benefit and essentially the benefit is an ongoing monthly stipend monthly pension that the widow their survivor the widower the widower would get if if the veteran died do one of several reasons we're going to focus today on the primary reason that people get it and that's a service-connected death that means the veteran died due to a service-connected disability now the the way that's most obvious is if you will is if the veterans service-connected disability was the primary cause of death so if the veterans hurt service-connected and he dies a heart attack well then that Widow whatever would be entitled to service-connected compensation for that but one area where we find that survivors get pushed into the cracks if you will by the VA is the other way of showing that it's a service-connected death and that their service-connected disability contributed to the death so it doesn't have to be the main cause it can be a contribution to the death I think of one where the veteran was service-connected for PTSD but he died of a heart attack his treating psychiatrist said that because of his PTSD and his anxiety that they think that contributed to the problem with his heart and he and his widow was given di C benefits for that so the so basically what she's saying is as certain as the PTSD didn't cause the heart didn't cause a heart attack but it contributed to exactly the heart problem which did right and there are other ones if a veteran has diabetes and let's say it's a Vietnam veteran and then has a heart disease which is not our new disease which would be presumptive service-connected but a different kind of heart disease arrhythmia and he dies of the heart disease well that's another another issue where the diabetes would contribute to the approximate cause of that death because it affected or worsened I guess you'd say the heart disease exactly I think we actually had one way no arthritis was so bad that it could and the pain that that contributed to the heart disease I mean there are a number of things that can contribute it so you really shouldn't just disregard this great benefit just because it wasn't exactly what what's on the death certificate if you can show that it contributed to the death then you're entitled to benefits you always want to also just throw in the one about if you've been a hundred percent disabled for ten years it doesn't matter what you die of you can be hit by a car that you're covered so that's something always to keep in the back of your mind if the veteran has.