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Greetings and aloha friends I am Doug Bowers speaking to you today from the beautiful Garden Island of Hawaii first let me say thank you very much for your time and attention I'm very excited because I'm gonna empower you today with the strategies and solutions that will prtremendous benefits for you and your family we have a lot to go over so let's get started today we're going to be discussing the VA s improved pension for Aid and Attendance benefit let me first ask who has ever heard of this program before today well likely most if not all of you have never heard of this program see I regularly travel throughout the state of Hawaii and 99% of those that I speak to have never heard of this program before today so why is that well there's more than one reason and I can address that a little bit later but I promise again you will gain the knowledge today of exactly what this program is and what it is not and how you can qualify for this benefit so there's three basic qualifications for this pension there's military there's a medical and then there's a financial means test one thing I must make clear to you today is what this program is not it is not a welfare program this is an entitlement program for a very specific group of Americans this entitlement was created for our wartime veterans and their surviving spouses now this program was designed specifically to help pay for the cost of care and preserve the family assets for our wartime veteran community now even though the VA has the financial means test meaning they've come up with a formula that's based upon your income and your liquid assets I must be clear about this though this does not mean the VA intends to withhold this Pension Benefit and really discriminate discriminate against the sacrifice of a veteran who may have accumulated more assets than his fellow soldier who may have not now the VA s formula does have limitations that may restrict eligibility yet the guidelines were designed to allow for anyone regardless of the amount of wealth they have to be able to make changes in their estate planning in order to qualify for this pension so again it was designed to pay for care and preserve their estate this is a pension not welfare so of course the VA and its employees are not financial professionals yet you will learn it is clear the way the guidelines were written was for those that have arrived at a time in life while there when they will benefit from the assistance with some of their daily activities and those that may have accumulated above average asset amounts now it may be advantageous to seek professional advice to get your affairs in order and encourage simple estate planning to help preserve the estate for your loved ones so yes I.